API Licensing News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Why Startups Need an API (2012-04-21) tune.com
UN recommends open licensing for promoting cultural participation (2015-02-19) openglam.org
GitHub Licenses (2015-03-24) developer.github.com
Medium adds Creative Commons licensing for writers (2015-05-06) www.theverge.com
Open Data Commons Attribution License (ODC By) v1.0 (2015-07-09) it.okfn.org
Open Data Commons Open Database License (2015-07-09) it.okfn.org
ODC Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL) (2015-07-09) it.okfn.org
Licensing and Pricing Strategies for the IoT (2016-01-05) www.ariasystems.com
You Cant Destroy the Village to Save It: W3C vs DRM, Round Two (2016-01-13) www.eff.org
YouTubers revolt over licensing of reaction videos (2016-02-01) www.theverge.com
Retroactive License to Parts Exhausts Patent Rights as to Whole (2016-02-18) patentlyo.com
What to do when a work has several licenses (2016-02-21) en.safecreative.net
?Open? Educational Resources vs ?Open? Pedagogy: Why Meanings Matter (2016-03-16) opencontent.org
Eminent Open Access: A Little Thought Experiment (2016-03-22) opencontent.org
GitLab Looked at the Fair Source License (2016-04-07) about.gitlab.com
Fort McMurray Wildfire Data Available Under Open License (2016-05-09) www.planet.com
Selecting an Open Source License for Your Project (2016-06-21) dzone.com
Understanding open source licenses (2016-07-12) pctechmag.com
Creative Commons Investigating Ways To Better License 3D Designs (2016-07-19) www.fabbaloo.com
IoT Extends Software Terms of Service and Licensing to Our Every Day Objects (2016-08-07) dzone.com
Open licenses dont work for uncopyrightable subjects: 3D printing edition (2016-09-08) boingboing.net
Game developers say no to DRM: "hurts our customers" (2016-10-15) boingboing.net
3 Licensing Woes for Streaming Video (2016-10-17) www.avnetwork.com
License Agreements Used on Iconfinder (2016-10-17) blog.iconfinder.com
Interval Licensing LLC v. Aol, Inc. (2017-01-11) www.courtlistener.com
State Department Publishes Open Licensing “Playbook” for Federal Agencies (2017-01-20) creativecommons.org
European Space Agency announces new Open Access Policy for Images and Data (2017-02-21) creativecommons.org
We are changing the IP of GitLab Pages on GitLab.com (2017-03-06) about.gitlab.com
Open source license descriptions and metadata (2017-03-16) github.com
GitHub Steps Up to Recognizing Developers Creative Rights (2017-03-22) www.infoq.com
Were open sourcing our approach to work/life balance in IP agreements. (2017-03-22) github.com
Google hopes to end Android patent wars with a new community license (2017-04-04) thenextweb.com
How Licensed Content Plays a Key Role in Netflix’s Content Strategy (2017-04-21) insights.newscred.com
GitHub CLA (2017-05-05) cla.github.com
How an open license can encourage use of open data (2017-06-02) sunlightfoundation.com
Default License Whitelist (2017-06-12) blog.versioneye.com
EULA gotchas (2017-07-14) usa.kaspersky.com
Explaining React's license (2017-08-18) code.facebook.com
Facebook re (2017-09-24) thenextweb.com
Relicensing the GraphQL specification (2017-09-26) code.facebook.com
React Gets a New Front (2017-09-26) thenewstack.io
Facebook Re (2017-09-29) thenewstack.io
This Week in Programming: Mixed Reactions to Facebook’s React Relicensing (2017-09-30) thenewstack.io
Linux Foundation Debuts Community Data License Agreement (2017-10-24) thegovlab.org
MIT, Apache 2 or BSD license: Who is the fairest of them all? (2017-10-31) snyk.io
How to license your start (2017-11-21) www.theaustralian.com.au
Why DC developers are upset about WMATA’s new data terms of use (2017-11-22) technical.ly
Why DC developers are upset about WMATA's new data terms of use (2017-11-22) technical.ly
Digital Insurer Lemonade Says No License Needed by Adopters of Its API Sales Platform (2017-12-10) www.insurancejournal.com
What is Software License Management? SLM Explained (2018-02-04) www.bmc.com
Embedding a tweet could be copyright infringement, says new court ruling (2018-02-16) www.theverge.com
GitHub open sources Licensed for OSS license compliance (2018-03-08) sdtimes.com
Tyk Developer Licences – connecting more of the world (2018-03-28) tyk.io
Licensed to thrill: One customer’s response to Cisco’s simplified software licensing (2018-06-28) blogs.cisco.com
Redis Pulls Back on Open Source Licensing, Citing Stingy Cloud Services (2018-08-23) thenewstack.io
Why a random federal agency gets to decide which devices we tinker with (2018-10-26) arstechnica.com
Flickr’s new business model could see works deleted from Creative Commons (2018-11-02) techcrunch.com

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.